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About Us

Your applications and infrastructure require a secure environment to keep your business running strong. To achieve this, it is vital that everyone involved clearly understands the processes and the proactive and reactive measures that need to be put in place.

That’s why, at ENTscale, we believe that security is a partnership 봞 shared responsibility between you and us. This collaboration requires input from your business and technical experts, our architects, security experts, and operations personnel. Each of us has a role to play in protecting your application’s infrastructure and data.
And when we understand these roles and responsibilities, we can work together and build a relationship that’s built on trust.

Our Customer Security Program, built on the foundation of this model, combines Rackspace expertise with technology and services. The result? A differentiated service level for you and your business goals봶hether on dedicated infrastructure or on our public cloud, by leveraging our trusted relationship with customers like you.

Security management

With the continued rise in information security breaches, our customers and prospects have questions about the risks of adopting cloud services. Here, you’ll find answers. Learn about our security and compliance services, and how we work to protect ENTscale’s information and physical resources.

Security solutions and services

ENTscale has a wide breadth of experience with customers’ hosted environments봲o we can help you by providing the infrastructure and solution requirements that will help meet your specific needs. Learn about our PCI services, as well as threat protection such as DDoS Mitigation Services and vulnerability assessments

Check out our library of informative whitepapers, reports, and blog posts, focused on security and its impact on businesses like yours. We’ve also included reports from independent sources, giving you an unbiased opinion on steps you should take when considering security in the cloud

ENTscale security management

We provide security and compliance services designed to help protect ENTscale information and physical resources. This effort also focuses on ensuring that ENTscale has controls in place to manage the risk of interruptions that may impact our service level commitments to you.

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