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Stable system operation without loss of data

kt Cloud system is based on a combination of high reliability, professional backup solution backup / archive client the Cloud server (VM) data regularly and restore it in need of a service provided to the customer's business continuity.
Service Highlights

1. Reasonable fees

olleh ucloud biz Hardware-based backup capacity, scalable, and is provided by a third-party service with innovative pricing level of 10%.

2. Reliability and Stability

The kt expertise and 24/7 backup agent service operations, daily backup report is available in ucloud biz portal. Geographically separated by inter-added services kt CDC also provides data backup services dissipation.

3. Various virtualized environments Backup

Cloud Servers Cloud Servers Full recognize the file structure (VM) in a single repair procedure (VM) Recovery and Cloud server (VM) of the file unit recovery is possible. A variety of operating systems and database (MS-SQL, Oracle, etc.) also supports online backup, SAP DB, MS Exchange online backup.

Service Configuration

Local Backup

It's backup/recovery service for cloud server(VM). It uses cloud server(VM)'s service line for backup. Backup cycle to four weeks with the main unit, backup storage period can be set for up to 12 weeks. Backup capacity is available in a 100GB unit / expansion, and, to tens of TB capacity is scalable.
If you want to back up multiple cloud server, server must be a public IP is assigned by setting up port forwarding, and 5555 port is open to the server then required service is available.

Dissipation backup (Additional services)

As an additional service for local backup, primary to secondary backup storage for local backup data to another kt CDC apart geographically. Backup line uses the group built a separate dedicated lines between kt Cheonan and Mokdong CDC. Backup cycle, cycle storage, backup capacity is available, such as those set up by local backup.

Service Type

1. File System Backup

Perform server data (directory / folder / individual file basis) backup Perform a backup to OS-specific areas, such as area including system files needed to boot or information about the various interface cards

2. Database Online Backup

Perform a running database (MS-SQL, Oracle, etc.), real-time data backup / restore service SAP DB and MS-Exchange online backup support In order to perform an online backup of the database should be be done with a file system backup

Note: MY-SQL online backup is not supported.

How to Use

1. product offer, go to Cloud Console and the backup application.

2. After you fill the application form to download (Excel file), feel free to uploading the backup application.
    Application is always what is required for rapid backup service operator kt opening.

3. If the application is complete, the operator will be happy to guide kt backup associated with your backup agent installed on the target server.
    To perform a backup, you must be a backup agent installed on the target server.

4. When the agent will check the installation, backup operators is to perform a backup policy settings Once the whole process is to perform a backup opening test.

5. After the backup success / failure history confirmation Cloud Console 넂 cloud backup 넂 The verification is possible in the "Backup & Restore historical inquiry".

Service Rate
Classification Basic Additional
(Dissipation backup)
Basic (storage capacity 100GB) $29.00 $29.00 뼚 Backup server : cloud server
up to 2
Additional capacity (per 100GB) Usage Section Under 1TB $29.00 $29.00 뼚 The charges are extra capacity
Calculated as the sum of intervals per charge
뼚 "dissipation backup" capacity of the primary product
Applied in the same manner as capacitor
1TB ~ 5TB $24.00 $24.00
Over 5TB $19.00 $19.00
Additional servers (per) $5.00
Dissipation backup network charges (per GB) $0.05

* If you want to back up to a public network, you must need a public IP is on cloud server (VM).
* If you want to back up to the CIP (private) should have the CIP will be created prior to the cloud server (VM).
CIP (Cloud Internal Path) 넂 cloud server 넂 cloud console can be generated for each zone (Zone) in the network 넂 Cloud Internal Path.
* DB 1Copy is considered to be a server, one way.
If you do all of the online backup file backup and DBMS on a server, the server will be treated as two meals.
* Rates applicable for example, if you apply to dissipate back to the default 100GB (target server and type)
USD $24.00 (base) + USD $23.84 (dissipation) + USD $5.00 (1 month dissipation backup network rate) + USD $5.00 * 2 (server add-algebra) / month
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