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Managed Service

Now a full-fledged cloud computing services are highly acclaimed era has arrived.
KT is already serviced enterprise cloud service "costs lightly, scale free" as a slogan..

From now on, borrow the server without the initial investment or buying a serverbuy a server without cost from now on use the Borrowing server.
We are a company that sells KT ucloud server and provide managed service.
ENTscale provide cloud service at discounted price than other providers.

If I'm not a expert?
  • You register an account and apply for ucloud service in KT ucloud portal(http://ucloudbiz.olleh.com)
       But, can you run the server right away?
  • Didn't you embarrassed that what specification is required?
  • Didn't you have no idea what next after server creation in 10 minutes?
  • Didn't you have no time to read the manual?
  • If it's linux, you need to connect via ssh and create PV, VG, LV, and mount data partition....
        When do you start your service?
  • But now, you don't have to worry about server management.
  • We will carefully setup the cloud infrastructure which are cloud server, DB, storage, load balancer and etc.
  • We will provide setup and managed service your webserver, db server, mail server regardless of OS type.
    뼳 Take your orde and setup the server by our staff
    Initial setup is free.

  • VM creation, PV, VG, LV creation, Data partition mount

  • Linux yum update(OS and program update)

  • Server configuration(Language, Service auto start, fail2ban setup, etc..)

  • ftp server, sendmail server setup

  • APM(apache web server, PHP, Mysql server) setup

  • ATM(Apache, Tomcat, Mysql) support

  • Name server, webserver domain setup(1ea)

    * This free support service is limited once to the initial order.
  • Virtual Machine Alert
    Option 1.
    • Select Server (CPU/RAM)
    • : Server(VM) 1v core/1G memory
    • Operatoion System
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