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Monitoring (Sycros)

It's a Sycros solution based VM monitoring service, it provides various features such as resource management, performance monitoring,
a variety of log monitoring, anaysis, reporting and fault management.
It's necessary to create manager VM, you need to install the agent on VM to monitoring.
Monitoring target : cloud server, VPC

How to use

  • The default template is provided when Monitoring Manager (VM) created.
  • Please refer to manual when you configure manager VM and console.
    삛 Monitoring Manager VM and Console configuration Guide
  • Service Highlights

    1. Centralized management of complex and diverse IT infrastructure resources (C/S, Web environments)
    - Intuitive and organized computing resource management system built as the Tree Structure
    - Provide real-time monitoring using a variety of charts and tables.
    - Integrated dashboard that can monitor recent event from the system of target hosts at a single screen.

    2. The basic performance information collected for the analysis of the system infrastructure
    - The technology of Kernel-based Intelligent Agent that is core of the operating system
    - Additional monitoring without source modification
    - Analyze the log messages in various forms and notify the event
    e.g. string comparison, conditional comparative method, comparative method regex (Regular Expression)
    - Ability to notify the event by monitoring the processes running on the system

    3. Build an optimized system that can inform whether the rapid failure
    - Monitoring for real-time events
    - Effective event notifications through various exceptions
    - Message received policy applies to an individual user basis
    - E-mail notification method available
    - Event linkage with 3rd Party products via the CLI

    4. Support reliable operation for a wide range of servers
    - e.g. MS Exchange Server, MS IIS, MS Cluster Service, MS Active Directory, Domino Notes etc../p>

    5. Remote Tool for distribution and remote execution
    - Remote distribution for file and directory.
    - Remote software installation, changing passwords, log files, research, batch file execution, execution results confirmed

    ervice Detail screen (example)

    Service Rate

    1. Defualt rate : USD $48.00/Mon
    - Basic fee : Monitoring manager VM 1EA (1vcore, 1GB Memory, Windows)
    - 1 Agent Included, Sycros Console

    2. Additional fee : When adding Agent, USD $5.00/Mon

    e.g. Rate sample
    - If you want to monitor three VM
    Total USD $57.00/mon rate charged(Basic fee USD $48.00 + Additional fee USD $5.00 * 2)

    Virtual Machine Alert
    Option 1.
    • Select Server (CPU/RAM)
    • : Server(VM) 1v core/1G memory
    • Operatoion System
    • :
    • Comment
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