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cloud HPC

cloud HPC provides clustered cloud server and solutions for high performance computing.

What is cloud HPC(High Performance Computing)?

1. Researchers & Engineers can solve complexed sciences, analysis and simulation, which was needed high bandwidth, instant networking and high-volumed computing power.

2. Generally speaking, users had to purchase expensive HW or wait long time to use shared cluster resources. But these days, users can process his HPC workload easily using cloudHPC infra resources and just pay as he used.

HPC service is to do high-volumed computation and data storing with many a clustered VM.
Users report Job to head node for problem solving and head node allocates Job to computing nodes in accordanc with priority and usage volume.
The computing output can be reported by head node. For this, computing node help to control work process by GUI.

- Head node: HPC control computer to admin multiple computing node
- Computing node: Computing node to do high volumed computing work, controlled by Head node
- PBS Professional: SW solution to admin HPC work load
- Compute manager: Web service to execute command and file transfer by simple web browser

Solution Introduction

PBS Professional짰 was developed in 1990 by NASA Ames Reaearch Institute and has been proven its stability. And now, it is used in global 500 companies to do high-volume HPC computing. PBS Professional is to manage computing resources(CPU memory,disk etc.) and to guide HPC resources allocation plan for work analysis Altair Compute Manager is web bowser-based HPC interface. It is possible to do simple work using HPC and do monitoring status and check its output by chart and animation. Most of solving work can be done by compute manager and no need to worry about big simulation work.

Altair Compute Manager is web bowser-based HPC interface. It is possible to do simple work using HPC and do monitoring status and check its output by chart and animation. Most of solving work can be done by compute manager and no need to worry about big simulation work.

Service characteristis & benefits

1. Economical
Customer can configure HPC cluster and pay as he wants.

2. Scalability
Customer can do scale in and out as he wants.

3. Efficiency
Customer can do GUI-based computing work in a few minutes by computing resources.

4. Security
PBS Professional which is work load management tool got EAL 3+ certificate at first.

Service functions

1. PBS Professional : Guarantee Industry best HPC stability and usability
Provision of optimal scheduling algorithm to enhance resources usability
Provision of error hooking functions and computing noe fault checking
Enforced security(EAL 3+), the high level security system

2. Compute Manager(Easy to use): Enhanced HPC user convenience
Provision of web-based HPC working environment
Provison of realtime monitoring & editting functions
Provision of inter-team cooperation by working profile management

3. Upgrade & technical support(Keep Track and Plan)
Guaratee of continuous function add and performance improvement
- Hook/MPI library integration/Green computing
- Increasement of Job execution speed(*7)/Speed enhancement(40 times)/Concurrent support(15 times)
Global technical support(14 countries, 27 branch offices) by Altair co., Ltd
Operation of web-based online community for 24 hours
Premium support for customers from every contries

Physical server vs cloud HPC

Index Physical server-based computing cloud HPC
Scalability Comparison with physical server computing
Needed to do HW addition or replacement for volume expansion
Possible to expand HPC cluster easily by computing node addition
Speediness Takes time to do Delivery, Installation
Takes time to do Hardware Maintenance
Possibel to do integrated installation od OS and HPC scheduler
Possible to do automatic installation of NFS, NIS, SSH etc for Clustering
Stability Imposible to provide service in case of Hardware failure
Needed to have System Redundancy for failure
Possible to convert into residual Cloud resources and fast troubleshooting
No need to have System Redundancy
Cost Rduction Necessary to have HW budget including residual resources
Need to pay network/floor/electricity eyc.(operation cost)
Pay as you use
No need to do operation cost

Effects expected

1. Enhanced efficiencies
- Users can do his own work without any knowledge about HPC(Provide web-base UI)
- Reduction of repetitive work causing minimized failure of HPC work
- HPC working time minimization by optimal working environment
- cooperation & cowork by profile sharing

2. Maximization of HPC resources usage
- Possible to work on weekend or holiaday, using by queing & reservation
- Minimization of work failure through replication, Job correction and auto identification of troubled system
- ROI and systematic purchasing cost by resources record analysis

Service Fare

1. Basic Service Rate: server + PBS Professional
(Unit: USD/month, USD/time)
Type Basic Configuration server PBS Professional Total
Monhtly rate
Hourly Rate
Monhtly rate
Hourly Rate
Monhtly rate
Hourly Rate
4 4 100 $100.00 $0.00 $45.00 $0.07 $145.00 $0.21
4 8 $159.00 $0.22 $45.00 $0.07 $204.00 $0.29
8 8 $201.00 $0.28 $45.00 $0.07 $246.00 $0.35
8 16 $318.00 $0.00 $45.00 $0.07 $362.00 $0.51
12 16 $360.00 $0.50 $45.00 $0.07 $404.00 $0.57
16 32 $636.00 $0.88 $45.00 $0.07 $681.00 $0.95

* Offer OS: CentOS 5.8(64Bit)
* PBS Professional charge for only calculation node.

2. SW option(selectable)

In case of Computer manager selection

- Monthly Rate: USD $130.00/User
- Hourly Rate: USD $0.21/Hour쨌user
3. Network
[Server under 16GB memory : NW rate]
Under 16GB memory ; Under 1TB per VM, monthly On free
Over 1TB per month,customer Refer to under table

Billing for Outbound traffic only(Free inbound traffic)
Traffic cost counted from server request day.
(Unit: USD/GB)
Type Period Apply by Cloud serer Apply by customer
Under 1TB
per cloud server
1TB ~ 10TB 10TB ~ 20TB Over 20TB
Volume rate system Unit price/period(GB) Free of charge $0.09 $0.08 $0.07
Flat rate system
30TB/Mon $1,907.00/Mon
50TB/Mon $2,861.00/Mon

* ex) If you use one of 4vCore 4GB server and one of 4vCore 16GB server, total 3TB(1TB+2TB) of outbound traffic is free.
4. Disk and Public IP Add
Type Unit Monthly Rate(USD/month)) Hourly Rate(USD/time)
Add Disk Additional 10GB(Max 300GB) $0.67 $0.01
Add public IP Per 1 IP $5.00 $0.01

5. Technical support
- Contact to customer center.
Virtual Machine Alert
Option 1.
  • Select Server (CPU/RAM)
  • : Server(VM) 1v core/1G memory
  • Operatoion System
  • :
  • Comment
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