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What is GSLB?

It is with form developed from conventional DNS service distributing IP regardless of status of server (equipment). By distributing IP information after checking status of server(equipment), it provides function to make connection to optimum server (server). With this, you can diversely utilize including load balancing of server, construction of DR(Disaster Recovery), use cloud service as backup center for existing Legacy system etc.

It is an example of Active-Backup composition and you can use load balancing service in composing Active-Active.

Service Highlights

1. The best stability is secured through physical quadruplicity.
Through dualization on Mokdong ICC and Cheonan CDC respectively, you can enjoy service with the best stability.

You can easily use through ucloud biz.
With automation on all functions through web, customer convenience is maximized.
For CNAME mapping operation on GSLB to customer-owned domain, customer should directly request to Auth DNS from which the customer is provided with service.

Case of Using

1. Providing Fail Over on virtual server in olleh ucloud
2. Improved availability through traffic distribution on each region
3. Service availability secured through constructing DR(Disaster Recovery)
4. Able to utilize cloud as backup center for existing Legacy system

Service Rate

Basic use rate: USD $48.00/month
- Registering domain (CNAME) and 2 IP
Charge for additional IP registration: USD $19.00/IP/month

Virtual Machine Alert
Option 1.
  • Select Server (CPU/RAM)
  • : Server(VM) 1v core/1G memory
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