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VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

VPC offers an independent Private Cloud Environment in KT Cloud Data Center.
Customizing and individual network provisioning environments such as existing private enviorments is available through the VPC.

Service Highlights

  • Private environment cloud service is available by using dedicated rack
  • High capacity cloud infrastructure and broadband network of 10 Gbps
  • Optimum configuration for the system according to the purpose of use
  • Support VPN and dedicated line configuration with customer IT infrastructure (or Data Center)

  • Service Target

  • Customer who wants dedicated cloud environment without sharing resources with others
  • Customer who wants to reduce cost to operate/maintain their ITS or Data Center
  • Customer requiring rapid expansion of the existing system

  • Applicable Case

  • Internal enterprise service with high level of security(ERP/CRM etc.)
  • Mass Game and Media
  • Government / Finance / schools and other public services
  • Server-based provider of B2B

  • Key-in features

  • Virtual Private (Dedicated Rack Service)
        - Guarantee of dedicated use of resources by providing dedicated hardware for specific customer
        - Provisioning 1Rack or 1/2Rack

  • Bare Metal Support
        - Accept massive system in cloud environment by providing high performance physical server in cloud environment.

  • Site to Site VPN
        - Provides expansion of flexibility of Customer Data Center and Hybrid cloud environment with VPN connnection

  • Direct Connect
       - Support connection to customer site through dedicated line when customer request.

  • Public/Private VLAN
       - Create multiple VLAN and assign each VM group(ex : Web-Tier, App-Tier, DB-Tier), provide function for
        routing and firewall configuration between external network or VLAN to improve security

  • Appliance Deploy
       - Applicable H/W based appliance in cloud environment

  • Support Multi-account in portal
       - Integrated View/Control function for entire resource and account management in domain by admin account given by customer
        Intergrated billing

  • Monitoring

  • Managed Service

  • Virtual Machine Alert
    Option 1.
    • Select Server (CPU/RAM)
    • : Server(VM) 1v core/1G memory
    • Operatoion System
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    • Comment
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