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Secure Zone

Secure Zone is a cloud serivce that provides high level security control and stability with optimized security solution of Initech and UTM appliance on KT ucloud infrastructure

Service map

  • It can handle massive traffic by provided broadband network. (10Gbps per POD, Cloud Center 50Gbps)
  • It's security-integrated cloud service by UTM appliance with 24-hour monitoring and breach correspondence, there is no need to install extra firewalls.
  • Service Highlights

    1. High safety and quality of cloud service is available with low cost.
    Provides a powerful security services in the same environment as KT ucloud-based services.

    2. Provides a high quality of Network services.
    Provides broadband network of 2Gbps per POD, it can process large amount of traffic.

    3. Provides a high level of security control services.
    Provides 24-hour monitoring and breach correspondence service with UTM appliance.

    4. Provides the same performance and services regardless of the specifications of cloud server.
    Secure Zone has no diffrence of the performance, services and cost.

    Service Introduction

    If you are using a Secure Zone with KT ucloud, you will get cost saving up to 50% than server hosting.
    Classifications Server Hosting Secure Zone Cost Saving
    Spec 4Core,4GB (Server hosting main item)
    Server rate $134.00 $100.00 $33.00
    Firewall $381.00 $114.00 $267.00
    Backup (per 100GB) $48.00 $95.00
    (Result included)
    OS Windows $95.00 $19.00 $76.00
    Linux None Free
    Rack fee(1U Standard) $38.00 None $38.00
    Network(Default) 10Mbps 10Gbps -
    Monthly rate $696.00 $329.00 $367.00

    Secure Zone's firewall is paid in KT ulcoud(notice 11.01.2012)
    Server hosting rate applies average price of server hosting provider, so it may differ by provider.

    Service use procedure

    1. Create Web Server

    2. Request Secure Zone consulting

    3. Request Secure Zone IP registration

    4. Start Secure Zone service

    Service Rate

    USD $114.00/Mon per cloud Server
    Virtual Machine Alert
    Option 1.
    • Select Server (CPU/RAM)
    • : Server(VM) 1v core/1G memory
    • Operatoion System
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