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1 vCore 2.00 GHz 1.00GB $30.00/Mon
1 vCore 2.00 GHz 2.00GB $45.00/Mon
2 vCore 2.00 GHz 2.00GB $61.00/Mon
2 vCore 2.00 GHz 4.00GB $89.00/Mon
2 vCore 2.00 GHz 8.00GB $116.00/Mon
4 vCore 2.00 GHz 4.00GB $119.00/Mon
4 vCore 2.00 GHz 8.00GB $178.00/Mon
4 vCore 2.00 GHz 16.00GB $231.00/Mon
8 vCore 2.00 GHz 8.00GB $239.00/Mon
8 vCore 2.00 GHz 16.00GB $356.00/Mon
8 vCore 2.00 GHz 32.00GB $460.00/Mon
12 vCore 2.00 GHz 16.00GB $417.00/Mon
12 vCore 2.00 GHz 32.00GB $585.00/Mon
16 vCore 2.00 GHz 16.00GB $479.00/Mon
16 vCore 2.00 GHz 32.00GB $712.00/Mon
The World-class cloud computing premium server presented by KT!
The performance and reliability of Memory and Disks are improved with a new Cloud platform.

1. 16vCore CPU and up to 128GB High Memory Product Line up Expanded
   - server CPU Offering : 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 vCore
   - server Memory Offering : 1 / 2 / 4/ 8 / 16 / 32 / 64 / 128 GB

2. Disk input and output(I/O) and the CPU Performance Improved
   - About 20% improvement in CPU and Disk IO in contrast to the existing server
    IOPS : Input/Output Operations Per Second

3. Provide up to 2048GB/month network traffic more than other cloud hosting provider
   - Default (free) traffic is provided 1TB (1024GB)/month.
     Over 16TB Memory Server is provided 2TB(2048GB)/month.
     Each section provides affordable capacity - 1TB ~ 10T /$0.082/Mon , 10TB ~ 20TB/$0.073/Mon , over 20TB/$0.064/Mon
   - 1,000GB is amount of that you can use consitently about 3.08mbps traffic per server in 24 hours of 30 days
   - Inbound is free, Only charge for outbound
   - Do not worry about spikes usage, you just only for what you use.
     (Normal IDC calculate the highest value of traffic)
   - Note that the cost of the server traffic is prorated from the date charged.

4. Disk stability enhanced
   - G2 RAID disk has enhanced data stability

5. The built-in firewall and web application firewall
   - Open the ports needed services to block intrusions from outside.
   - ModSecurity, WebKnight, the Web firewalls are installed in web server to block Web attacks

6. Fast Server Provisioning
   - Don't waste your time for purchasing server, testing hardware and installation OS !!!
   - Just 5 minutes then everything done.
     You can very readily available the server with installed OS.

7. provides a variety of server operating systems
   - Linux-based free delivery
     Cent Os 5.8(32, 64 bit)
     Cent Os 6.3(32, 64 bit)
     Ubuntu 10.04(32, 64 bit), Ubuntu 11.04(32, 64 bit)
     Ubuntu 12.04(32, 64 bit)
     Fedora 13(64 bit)
     Debian 7 32bit (xen620)
     Debian 7 64bit (xen620)
     SUSE Linux Enterprise11(32, 64 bit)

   - Windows-based (Windows Genuine License $19/month)      WIN 2012 standard 64bit, WIN 2008 ENT 32bit
     WIN 2008 R2 64bit
     WIN 2008 R2 64bit + MSSQL 2008 (Default OS + Machine Image)
     WIN 2008 R2 64bit + MSSQL 2012 (Default OS + Machine Image)
     WIN 2012 standard 64bit + MSSQL 2012 (Default OS + Machine Image)

     However, the operating system (OS) support may be limited according to the specifications of the server. [Read more]

8. Server Provisioning and Server Settings are Free
   - pv, vg, lv creation and server settings are supproted
   - the installation APM (Apache + PHP + MySql) on Linux system is supported

9. scale up/down Support
   - The service for your cloud server's sepcification adjust to increase or decrease
   - For example, if you have operating 2vCore 2GB of cloud servers then possible to scale up to 4vCore 4GB
     or to scale down to 1vCore 1GB .
High-memory, SSD servers aren't support scale up/down
- High-memory Product
2vCore 8GB / 2vCore 16GB / 4vCore 16GB / 4vCore 32GB
8vCore 32GB / 8vCore 62GB / 16vCore 62GB / 16vCore 124GB
Up-front Charge
If you order service after 15th of month, you are going to pay daily fee of rest of that month and plus next monthly fee.

ex) If you order service for 1 month
- Before 15th of month
1st Month Fee = (Days of Month - Order day) * (Monthly fee/30days = daily fee)

- After 15th of month,
1st Month Fee = (Days of Month - Order day) * (Monthly fee/30days = daily fee) + Next monthly fee
By default, ENTscale install only the OS and web server, application install and setup in server has a user must manually.
Check your E-mail or [My Serivce] menu to get the server connection information.
Additional Disk and Public IP

Additional Disk : $0.631 per add 10GB
Additional Public IP : $5 per 1 IP
Server status and connection information provided by the [My Service] menu.
Additional services include application and enrollment in each of its menu also available.
If you want additional services other than these services, please contact Customer Service.
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