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What is cloud MapReduce?

'cloud MapReduce' is a service to deploy for Hadoop platform automatically,
so you can handle massive data more easily and cost-effectively.

Hadoop is a distributed software platform.
Making the application easier to handle large amount of data and helps to operate.

usefulness of hadoop

large scale: Hadoop can store and process petabytes of data statically.

Economy: You can distribute and process data between the computer cluster normally used.

efficiency : Hadoop can process the node that located data in parallel by distributing data, and it is very fast

safety : Hadoop will automatically keep a lot of data copies. Also automatically performs the relocation when problems occur.

Service procedure

If you want to subscribe this service, you have to subscribe cloud server first.

If you request during the working hours(9:00 ~ 18:00), MapReduce creation will be processed in the same day, other than that, will be processed in the next day.

If you want delete MapReduce, you must request to delete MapReduce. If you not request, rate will be charged continuously.

Please refer to the sample use case of created MapReduce at Customer Center 넂 Library menu or relavant additional information section.

Service Highlights

1. You can use Hadoop system by simple request.

2. it's economical with hourly rates charged as long as VM used.

Service Rates

Cloud server hourly rates will be apply for using VM.

Please request technical support at Customer Center 넂 1:1 Q&A section.

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