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Linux SSD Server Windows SSD Server

It is a great help to the business process that provides the server to ensure high I/O performance to customer needed fast Random I/O access to data. SSD server is based on SSD(Solid State Disk) stroge and it is ideal for customers that need high-performance DB server.

  • SSD-based Cloud Server for high-performance DB Services.
  • Provide Disk I/O compared to three times faster than the default cloud server
  • Provide optimal infrastructure for real-time game services.

  • Service Highlights
  • Case Study
  • Service Rate
  • Service Highlights

    1. Guarantee high I / O performance for data(more than three times performance compared to normal SAS Disk )

    2. Provide exceptional performance for database require high performance workloads and game service require fast loading.

    3. User available expensive SSD infrastructure as On-Demand.

    Case Study

    1. Game server (N Game Company)

  • Initial investment costs reduced over by 50% compared to existing costs (440 mil./4 years 넂 180 mil./4 years)
  • Configure High Performance Cloud with Mass Storage (NAS) and High IOPS VM (Full SSD VM) for high-performance DB

  • Service Rate

    1. SSD server(Unit: (USD)/month,hour)

    vCore Memory SSD(GB) Hourly Rate Monthly Rate
    8 16 200 $1.00 $410.00
    12 24 300 $1.00 $615.00
    16 32 400 $1.00 $820.00
    16 60 500 $2.00 $1,640.00


    2. Additional Disk

    Classification Unit Monthly Rate((USD)/month) Hourly Rate((USD)/hour)
    Additional SSD Disk per add 10GB
    (200 GB at maximum)
    $7.00 10

    3. Network

    Monthly usage less than 2 TB per cloud server
    (over 16GB memory VM)
    Monthly usage by customer (on an ID basis) over 2 TB Refer to the table below

    (Unit : (USD)/GB, VAT excluded)
    Classification Usage Section Application by Cloud server Application by Customer (by ID)
    under 2 TB
    per Cloud server
    (over 16GB
    memory VM)
    2TB ~ 10TB 10TB ~ 20TB Over 20TB
    Meter-rate Unit cost by section
    (per GB)
    Free $0.082 $0.073 $0.064
    Flat Rate
    (monthly unit)
    30 TB/month $1,802
    50 TB/month $2,703

    4. cloud NAS
    Type of Product Basic Standard
    Default Capacity(1,000GB) $64/month $0.090/hour
    Capacity added(per 100GB) $7/month $0.010/hour
    Snapshot Free

    You can request up to 10TB for each ID in cloud NAS service.
    It is available when amount of saved contents is less than 70-80% compared to the requested capacity
    in case of snapshot and snapshot function is not supported when the requested capacity is insufficient.

    5. Additional Public IP
    Classification Unit Monthly Rate((USD)/month) Hourly Rate((USD)/hour)
    Additional Public IP per 1 IP $5 $0.007

    6. Operating System
    (Unit: (USD)/month,hour)
    Operating System Rate (per Cloud server)
    Monthly Rate
    Hourly Rate
    Windows Windows Server 2008 Enterprise (32,64 bit) $19 $0.026
    Windows server 2012 Standard (64 bit)
    Linux Cent OS 5.8 (32,64 bit) Free
    Cent OS 6.3 (32,64 bit)
    Ubuntu 10.04 (32,64 bit)
    Ubuntu 12.04 (32,64 bit)
    Debian 7 32bit (xen620)
    Debian 7 64bit (xen620)
    Fedora13 (64 bit)
    Linux Enterprise SuSE Linux enterprise10, 11 (32,64bit)
    9hour*5days on-line technical support
    BYOL (Bring Your Own License)

    * Ubuntu OS update is not supported officially.
    * Do not kernel update randomly, if you do you can't access VM.

    7. Snapshot/Image
    (VAT excluded)

    Classification Monthly Rate((USD)/month) Note
    Snapshot $0.109 Rate calculation on the prorated daily basis when deleted in the middle of the month
    Image $0.109

    8. SQL Server
    - SQL Server 2012, 2008R2
    Unit: (USD) (VAT excluded)
    vCore SQL Server Standard Edition SQL Server Enterprise Edition
    Monthly Hourly Monthly Hourly
    1 $135 $0.282 $270 $0.563
    8 - - $540 $0.750
    12 - - $811 $1.126
    16 - - $1,081 $1.502

    cloud server and windows OS rate are sepaartely charged.

    9. Able to select operating system (by OS) Cloud server specification

    o SSD server
    Classification under
    Windows WIN 2008 32bit
    WIN 2012 64bit
    Linux CentOS 32bit
    Ubuntu 32bit/64bit
    Debian 32bit/64bit
    Fedora 64bit
    SuSE 32bit
    Virtual Machine Alert
    Option 1.
    • Select Server (CPU/RAM)
    • : Server(VM) 1v core/1G memory
    • Operatoion System
    • :
    • Comment
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