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cloud CDN

Do you want to pay as much as you used when you need to
quickly and easily build large download / streaming services?
Try using a fast and reliable CDN service.

cloud CDN(Contents Delivery Network)

cloud CDN (Contents Delivery Network) is a service delivered contents to a large number of users quickly and safely without any loss of data. Especially it has maximized agility and convenience for process like joining, subscribing and opening service cloud of computing power entry into service, subject, by introducing whole process of establishing a web processing speed and convenience, such as maximum in service.

Service Highlights

1. Fast & Simple
You can get service within maximum 1 hours from subscribing to opening through simple tasks on cloud portal without tedious negotiations with salespeople or demanding procedures in the commodity contracts.

2. Cost-effective rate
Customer could pay as much as they used without the installation costs, investment costs and any agreemnet on time/traffic,.

3. Easy to expand traffic
No need to invest money for facilities for traffic congestion or your intervention.

4. Reliability & Stability
Maintain fast response and low latency by utilizing advanced distributed CDN technology developed on the basis of the largest network of customer service and a variety of operating experience and promise more than 99.9% quality assurance.

5. Integration with other services
Support convenient and effective linkage with other services. You can use the cloud server and storage as a origin server of the CDN, especially cloud storage can be used as a origin immediately without particular server.

Service Component

1. Download / web caching service

Fast, reliable download / web caching service for static content

- Service can be applied from distribution for game and multimedia contents which are massive data distributed to a large number of end user or low-dose patch and antivirus file update

- Service that can perform faster image browsing and transfering large and small content with high speed.

2. Streaming Service

Streaming services for video content on your PC and mobile environment

- Provide reliable trasmission of high-definition video without buffering

Supported video file formats are MP4, MP3 and FLV.

- Video formats are currently available on most devices, video codec is H.264(Baseline Profile, under Level 3.0)
audio codec is MP4 file format using AAC-LC under 128Kbps.
Supported protocol is HLS and RTMP, please refer to below site to know more each protocol's features and available devices.

HLS : http://developer.apple.com/resources/http-streaming/
RTMP : http://www.adobe.com/devnet/rtmp.html
Streaming service can use only cloud storage as a origin server.
Use guide is in Customer Center -> Library section.

Service Covered

1. Download / web caching service
  • Massive installation files and patch file download for online game
  • Distribution for media file, maps and various contents
  • HTS of securities company, security program of financial site
  • Site to bring up a lot of images such as hopping mall, game, portal site
  • large e-Catalog that has many browsing frequently
  • 2. Streaming service
  • High-definition video streaming service site such as e-learning and entertainment
  • Reliable streaming service is required, such as VOD service site
  • Site is required improve the exposure frequency such as online advertising and event promotion.
  • Site providing flash movie service
  • Service differentiation

    1. Building itself VS cloud CDN
    Customer can have a variety of business opportunity and quick response to market trends by reducing cost for build and maintenance and avoiding the risk of initial investment.

    2. Korean CDN Service VS cloud CDN
    Content traffic estimation, contract negotiations, preparation for other CDN services that can be provided within the service through a contract with the customer, enabling rapid business by providing fast subscription-opening process on the web. In particular, how the full pay-rates can be expected to reduce fixed costs are liberated from the burden of the Subscription Agreement and the existing CDN contract period.

    3. Small hosting service VS cloud CDN
    IDC domestic service facilities not to resell the lease. Leveraging the largest national network ensures transmission quality and reliability of 99.9% for the high-volume traffic due to the large number of users because the service directly.

    Service Rates

    1. Rates = Monthly basic fee + Monthly trasfer fee + Monthly request fee
  • Monthly basic fee = $19.00/200GB/Month (throughput provided by the basic fee = 200GB)
  • Monthly trasfer fee = sum of the section rates for monthly total throughput
  • Monthly request fee = Monthly total request / 10,000 * $0.00($0.00 per 10,000 request)
  • 2. Trasmission Rate
    Sections for Transmission Amount (Month) Rate by Section(/GB)
    Less than 200GB (Default section) $19.00
    0.2 TB ~ 10 TB $0.10/GB
    10TB 댘 50TB $0.09/GB
    50TB 댘 150TB $0.08/GB
    150TB댘 500TB $0.06/GB
    Over 500TB $0.03/GB

    3. Request Rate
    Request(/Mon) Rate($/Mon)
    10,000 0.01 $
    Virtual Machine Alert
    Option 1.
    • Select Server (CPU/RAM)
    • : Server(VM) 1v core/1G memory
    • Operatoion System
    • :
    • Comment
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