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What is cloud NAS(Network Attached Storage) Service?

Service provided to enable the use of high-performance NAS(Network Attached Storage)
to customers of ucloud server through network.

cloud NAS service is only provided for kr-1 Zone and it is available only on cloud server which is created after Cloud NAS volume has been created. (Scheduled to improve)

Service Highlights

1. Volume of high-capacity NAS can be used on cloud server.
- You can mount high-capacity storage to Multi-VM through network.

2. It can automatically expand capacity or reduce size when disk capacity is insufficient.
- It automatically expands when data exceeds the requested capacity. (upto 40TB)
- Size can be reduced when the requested capacity is excessive.

3. Supporting multiprotocol: CIFS / NFS

4. High security is provided by VLAN configuration.

Use cases

1. Utilizing as high-capacity storage of service field with high I/O e.g. media

2. Infrastructure for saving contents of sound source service

3. Customers requiring high I/O and Mountable Disk e.g. medical image service

4. Customers demanding high-capacity server disk

5. Customers requiring data backup through using high-capacity storage

Service Rate

Type of Product Basic Standard
Default Capacity(1,000GB) $67.00/month $0.09/hour
Capacity added(per 100GB) $7.00/month $0.01/hour
Snapshot Free

You can request up to 10TB for each ID in cloud NAS service.
It is available when amount of saved contents is less than 70-80% compared to the requested capacity
in case of snapshot and snapshot function is not supported when the requested capacity is insufficient.

Virtual Machine Alert
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  • : Server(VM) 1v core/1G memory
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