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Cloud storage (Standard / Lite)

Cloud storage(Standard/Lite) is a Cloud storage service which is reliable, secure, flexible and scalable to store multimedia contents, documents, and big data such as logs etc.

  • It is not a file system or real-time data system but rather a long term storage system to store, retrieve and update of large amount of static data.
  • Data can be accessed by portal, restful APIs and several 3 party tools. Data download and streaming can be provided more quickly in geographically diverse area with ucloud CDN service.
  • Cloud storage is based on Openstack object storage SW (swift.openstack.org), a world-class open source community and widely used and verified by many use cases and ecosystems.


    * What is Openstack Object Storage(Swift)?
    This is a key project of Openstack community and cloud Storage software providing redundant, scalable object storage using clusters of standardized servers capable of storing peta bytes of data. Openstack community is to produce Open source Software for building Cloud infrastructure and has more than 850 organizations worldwide including Intel, NASA, DELL, Citrix and Rackspace. kt has been an official member of Openstack since 2010.
    What is Object Storage?
    Object Storage is highly scalable and reliable storage system to store several billions of files (objects) and tens of Petabytes of data. Main features are as follows.

    1) Simple RESTful API
    Simple set of APIs provide developers flexibility, You can easily access data in Object Storage with URL using HTTP protocol.
    2) High Extendibility
    Object Storage uses a distributed architecture and designates a location of file with a MD5 hash value. This structure removes the existing limitation in maximum size, which is 2TB per File System structure in windows or Linux. It is also easy to disperse and extend to large storage with Petabyte scale regardless of the number of files (Object) or size of files.
    3) Data Safety
    Files (objects) are redundantly stored and each of the copies is stored in a distributed area for protecting them from service failure in case of system or zone failures.
    Cloud storage Redundancy
    Standard 3 copies
    Lite 2 copies
    Service Highlights

    1. Convenient subscription
    You can subscribe and use service within 1 hour by requesting on the web with simple procedures without contacting sales persons.

    2. Pay as you go pricing according to actual usage
    Pay as you grow pricing (charging based on contents transmission amount and the number of requests) that customers are charged according to their actual usage.

    3. High-capacity Traffic
    Increment of contents traffic is automatically processed in ucloud CDN without customers involvement.

    4. CDN
    ucloud CDN has highly-resilient systems in geographically diverse area and provides large and high bandwidth services. It also has been well managed by operation expertise. The service quality over 99.9% is assured.

    5.High Capacity, High Scalability
    You can store hundreds of millions of files and in hundreds of PB size.

    6. Data Safety
    Data is stored redundantly in 3 copies3 copies(Standard), 2 copies(Lite) and each of the copies is stored in a different physical storage systems or zones.

    Ucloud storage Redundancy
    Standard 3 copies
    Lite 2 copies
    7. ucloud storage (Lite) service
    - ucloud storage(Lite) is designed to suit customers needs of storing data with relatively less importance, frequency but reproducible. It is 17~25% cheaper than ucloud storage(Standard). No sign-up is necessary. Just click the ucloud storage(Lite) in the storage list and you are ready to go. (It is the same way you use ucloud storage standard) It is best fit if you want to store contents (data) that can be easily reproduced and remotely located reliably and safely with low cost. Ucloud storage (Lite) service is designed to provide 99.99% durability and 99.99% availability of objects over a given year. This availability level(99.99%) is guaranteed by ucloud storage(Lite) that is equivalent to ucloud storage(Standard). It provides dual redundancy(2copy) of data which is less durable than ucloud storage(Standard) (3copy)
    Ucloud storage Redundancy Durability
    Standard 3 copies 99.99999999%
    This durability level corresponds to an average annual expected loss of 0.00000001% of objects.
    Lite 2 copies 99.99%
    This durability level corresponds to an average annual expected loss of 0.01% of objects.
    Major Functions of Product
  • Upload, download, and delete objects upto 5 GB of each file with API and unlimited with multipart up/down tool.
    The number of objects to store is unlimited too.
  • All files are accessible with URL.
  • Popular 3rd party tools are available to access ucloud storage:Cyberduck, Gladinet, Cloudberry etc.
  • Amazon S3 compatible APIs are provided for S3 API-based applications can be used without modification of storage access APIs
  • ucloud biz portal is provided for easily browsing, uploading and downloading files and folders and configure the storage services.
  • Mount tools such as Gladinet (windows) is provided to use cloud storage as a remote disk drive.

  • Example of Use
    1. Contents distribution with ucloud CDN
    Cloud storage can save various content files and compose services by prompt distribution with linkage with uloud CDN. It can cope with diverse demands from web service to development of applications. Main utilization through web service includes streaming service, web hard service, P2P service, etc. As the scale of users expands with text saving, photos and video clips for mobile application service, functions for saving data which is increasing geometrically and prompt calling of files upon users requests can be supported.

    2. APIs and resources for Application developers
    (obile) application developers can utilize various ucloud storage APIs. ucloud storage is the most appropriate for the applications that could not expect the maximum data size and continuously increasing.

    3. High-capacity cloud storage
    It is an appropriate repository for large size and of increasing number of files, such medical images, CCTV recording ,data, service logs etc. Those collected data can be used for analyses and further be utilized with more values.

    4. Data Backup
    ucloud storage is appropriate as Backup Storage for safe data storage and restoration. Users can make use of commercial backup tools to configure archiving intervals etc

    Service Rate

    Rate of service is subject to slight change because it applies exchange rate at the moment of billing.

    ucloud storage Rate Structure
    Rate Structure (unit of month) = Reserve rate + Transmission rate

    Reserve rate

  • Monthly reserve amount : Value of sum of daily peak point with monthly unit in reserve divided by the number of days in a month
        Example) Monthly reserve amount = (2GB + 100GB + + 1TB )/30 day = ??? GB
  • Rate of use = 쏶um of rate for monthly reserve amount by section
  • Monthly reserve rate by section
  • Unit:(USD)/month
    Sections for Reserve AmountMonthly Rate by Section(/GB)
    ~Less than 10TB (Default section)$0.03
    10TB ~ 100TB$0.03
    100TB ~ 1,000TB$0.02
    Over 1,000TB$0.02

    Transmission rate : only rate of outbound traffic applied, no charging on traffic between ucloud and ucloud server
    no charging on traffic between ucloud storage and CDN

  • Sum of rate from transmission amount with monthly unit by section
  • Unit:(USD)/month
    Sections for Transmission Amount (Month)Rate by Section(/GB)
    Less than 1TB$0.00
    1TB ~ 10TB$0.09
    10TB ~ 20TB$0.08
    Over 20TB$0.07

    Details for calculating rates

    Unit Conversion

  • Reserve amount : 1,048,576 MB = 1,024 GB = 1 TB (1,024 unit used)
  •      - Monthly rate(Standard) = 102 GB * $0.055 = $5.61/month

         - Monthly rate(Lite) = 102 GB * $0.046 = $4.692/month

  • Transmission amount : 1,048,576 MB = 1,024 GB = 1 TB (1,024unit used)
  • Rate Calculation

  • Reserve amount : Raising of 1 GB unit and charging
  •       Monthly rate = 102 GB * $0.06 = $6.12/month

  • Transmission amount : Raising of 1 GB unit and charging

  •     Example) Monthly transmission amount = 1,124.032 GB/month = 1,125 GB/month
             Monthly rate = (1,125 1,024GB) * 0.09= $9.09/month

  • Emission of below 0.01 in calculating monthly aggregate rate
  • Example of Rate Calculation

  • Service subscribed on May 25th

  •     Calculation method if used on 25th (10GB), 26th(20GB), 27th(30GB), 28th(20GB), 29th(100GB), 30th(1,000GB) and
        31th(1,000GB) (10 + 20 + 30 + 20 + 100 + 1,000 + 1,000) /31days = 70.32 GB = 71GB

    When calculating reserve amount to process with monthly unit, divide sum of daily peak point in reserve by the number of days in the month.

    Major Additional Service
    What is cloud caching?
    cloud caching is a service to transfer or distribute video and game files to end users. It's simple and fast tranfer using download mode and streaming mode. Unlike conventional manual method, you can service within 1 minutes through automatically update when new original content comes up.
    Service Highlights
    1. Massive transfer
        - You can transfer regardless of file size because content is delivered by block unit.
    2. Low rates
        - you can save money based on pay as you use billing system.
    3. High Usability
        - Management is eaiser by 1 minute TTL without any purge.
    4. Flexible Network
        - It's scale out infrastructure that can handle the traffic congestion seamlessly.
    Virtual Machine Alert
    Option 1.
    • Select Server (CPU/RAM)
    • : Server(VM) 1v core/1G memory
    • Operatoion System
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