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IDC Infra service

Introduction of KT IDC
Started in 1999, KT has led IDC industry with top level infra/facilities and O&M technologies. Now, KT is poised to #1 IDC service provider to deliver qualified IDC services.
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KT IDC takes pride in the biggest size of infrastructure in Asia region and is a best partner to enterprises in the world.
Mokdong IDC Bundang IDC Gangnam IDC
Mokdong IDC Bundang IDC Gangnam IDC
  • The biggest coverage in Korea : 10 centers in Korea(IDC 7 , CDC 1, GDC 1, ICS node 1)
  • #1 IDC service provider in Korea : Floors, Large backbone bandwidth, Revenue etc.
  • Build new IDC with new technology : Yoido IDC('15,8), Mokdong 2 center('16,8)
  • Certified by Korea government : Technology, Security, Customer service
KT IDC Network structure
Connected with KORNET which is the biggest internet backbone in Korea and go to overseas countries through KIX network
kt IDC network configuration
Key benefits
* Direct connect w/KORNET
- # of internet subscriber 804M
- NW bandwidth : 1.8T
* The most/biggest connect
- Local 21 ISP, KIX 1.8T
- Global 172 ISP, 271G
* Security & reliability
- Full Mesh type, dual backbone
- The high usability
- Perfect troubleshooting system
Virtual Machine Alert
Option 1.
  • Select Server (CPU/RAM)
  • : Server(VM) 1v core/1G memory
  • Operatoion System
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