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Easy server settings
CPU, memory, network, will be provided easy to customize your own as you want.
Quick Storage Expansion
As you want as long as necessary disk space can be expanded quickly.
Convenient OS management
You can easily install the operating system used on the server, and update and maintain
Robust monitoring
We provide the information necessary with a powerful monitoring tool immediately
Service Highlights

  • Global level of 99% SLA quality assurance
  • DDoS, Firewall, such as firewalls and network segmentation to ensure pre-security, protecting customers valuable information
  • cloud transition to free resources and rapid disaster recovery
  • System Redundancy not required
  • Easy backup and recovery support through the selection UI options

  • Cloud virtual server (VM) can be extended to more simple
  • The initial investment not required
  • affordable price vs hosting services
  • Provide a variety of specifications and pricing tailored to customer needs
  • Operating cost savings due to its unnecessary computational system operation

  • Service is available with automated resource allocation in 5 minutes
  • Hardware Maintenance itself is unnecessary
  • Reduce the time for highly incerease demand and traffic more than 99%
  • Easy to apply cloud biz products via the web, create, delete offers

  • Development/Deploy new business that can be unpredictable.
  • Flexible scaleup for business expansion
  • No sunk costs during service shutdown

  • Service in large backbone of 40GB
  • Fast response time based on 40GB high capacity backbone
Virtual Machine Alert
Option 1.
  • Select Server (CPU/RAM)
  • : Server(VM) 1v core/1G memory
  • Operatoion System
  • :
  • Comment
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