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What is Multi-Availability Zone?

The kt offers physical / service target areas of the country that is geographically separated units (Region) and regional separate data centers and high availability using a separate network zone (Zone).

Accordingly, redundancy and HA configuration using separated Zone in the same Region, DR environment can be configured, high-availability environment> can be configured.

 Provided Region and Zone

Region Zone Description Original Name
Korea Central A/B Zone Service Defualt Zone
- Located in Cheonan CDC the largest cloud data center in Korea
Seoul-M Zone ucloud biz service Seoul Zone
- Hybrid, DR-specific Zone
- - CIP (dedicated) connection with Cheonan CDC (Center-A/B)
Geographical separation of Multi-AZ
HA-Zone Redundancy, HA and DR configurable environment Zone
Dedicated service is available
- Global Datacenter located in (Gimhae CDC)
Japan JPN-Zone cloud Japan service Zone
- Through the overseas fiber-optic cable between Gimhae -- Fukuoka, performance of the service is the same as in Japan.

 Multi-Availability Zone

Service Highlights

1. Each Zone use independent network, power, air conditioning system and geographically separate services can be provided safely at risk, such as flood, fire.

2. You can select the desired Zone / specify when creating a cloud resources, a multi-data center DR (Disaster Recovery) system implementation is possible

3. The non-stop service is available for customer applications for various failure scenarios (failure scenarios).

4. Use private network during data transfer between Multi Zone

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