Logger Script


cloud Usability
Easy to deploy through packaging cloud infrastructure resources
Monitoring and setting alarm for status of deployed resource
Server extension in Auto-scaling group to traffic.
Key Features
1. cloud packaging
- Automatic distribution through the packaging script for the Cloud resources that can build the customer application
2. cloud watch
- Notify the alarm when the performance(CPU, Network latency, etc.) of specific resources(servers, a load balancer) falls below the set value
3. cloud messaging
- Deliver a variety of events(resource creation, delete, auto-scaling, etc) to subscirbers(customers, servers) into a message form
4. cloud autoscaling
- Provide scalability with automatic assign and delete with established policies in conjunction with monitoring.
  • Configure cloud resource creation information to package
  • Various system setting of server and software install automation(ucloud Init)
  • Batch generation cloud resources based on template
  • Provide performance information of server, storage and network
  • Notify alarm by threshold
  • Detailed monitoring of five minutes
  • Create a topic nad subscriber
  • Nofity alarm to subscribers when update occurs
  • Auto scaling the virtual server when it's load over the threshold.
  • Automatically scale down when it's load reduced.
Target Customer
  • Online business to be flexbile in response to traffic
  • Existing customers who want to automate complex cloud infrastructure configuration
  • Developers to automatically deploy system configuration of development and test environment.
  • Enterprise customers want to migrate existing legacy environment to a cloud environment
  • High demand for corporate clients such as SAP Partner Solutions
Web services configuration
Web Server, consists of a DB provisioning web service in the cloud, and an example is configured by setting the Auto-scaling group on the Web server.
Configuration Order
Virtual Machine Alert
Option 1.
  • Select Server (CPU/RAM)
  • : Server(VM) 1v core/1G memory
  • Operatoion System
  • :
  • Comment
  • :